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GLAAS Inc is a not for profit incorporated association which develops the use of glass in art, architecture and construction in Australia through promotion, research, education, training and creative collaboration.


Provides resources and direction for glass in :  

  • Architectural, Commercial and Heritage

  • Training, Employment and Industry

  • Creative/Visual Arts


collaborative and consultative opportunities for industry, artists and others to lead Australian glass designers to match current world best practice and beyond into the future; to develop the potential of glass to be utilised more fully in the spaces we inhabit.

GLAAS Inc aims to:

develop and promote glass in art and architecture

provide information about glass in Australia including glazing,

                designed glazing and studio glass

create opportunities for innovative collaboration with industry

offer creative opportunities in glass to all via education and  access

provide opportunities to generate new ideas through collaboration

explore uses of glass to enhance energy efficiency & sustainability

address architectural, cultural and historical glass issues

stimulate interest in glass use in the built environment 

 Glass by Mark Howard Glassworks